RCA of a working Annapurna

Today is one of the regular days. Enjoying morning tea with my husband in the living room. As I was busy waking up my soul with every sip of my elixir, he took the opportunity to complain that I have forgotten how to make good food.

I gave no reaction. Maybe he is right, I thought. To avoid any argument at that moment, deep down I said to myself, maybe I am an overconfident Pro now. What else would I assume when it seems as if since birth, I have that roller and tongs in my hand.

Join me as I introspect and dig into the details- Put on your quality Hat and join me for a Root Cause Analysis.

It’s been more than a year now that I have been working from home. Like so many others out there this is first time to live the liberty of spending zero hours in travel and take back some Me time. This is how I initially fooled myself to disguise the pandemic.

Living by the clock, has made us all machines.

Some of us are so much trapped in our routines, that even an additional day off in continuation to Sat and Sun makes us restless. We want to return to work because, to many of us, that brings some excitement and help us realize our worth and of course above all, it pays. We find ourselves inoperable without the mundane journey of the working days. We call the weekends as Non-productive days!

For past 15 years living all those blessed employed years, confined to a routine, everyone looked at me if I am kind of a machine. And being a machine, I have to deliver everything at a perfect level. If anything is little hay way everyone will complain like if in my entire life, I have been doing all wrong. They are complaining to a machine who- lives by the clock, RIGHT! but somehow most of the times, that awakes the human in me, and I Feel bad, I cry, I shout, and I retaliate. No one listens to me as they have the proof and the quality scores of my work (VOC). VOC is all that matters! As Data is everything and customer is the king!

Nothing happens overnight! There is a process that makes you what you are.

Normally people need an hour to come out of their sleep after some stretching, daily chores, and all. But here, while my eyes are still struggling to cope with the day light, I am all by myself to welcome the day. Never been free enough to enjoy those golden moments in the washroom but those demanding moments in the kitchen. Golden moments to be managed in office. This is how my metabolism has to sacrifice for my survival in the routine.

Have to hurry up now, as it’s the time to prepare the lunch. Put everything in place. Done with the dishes. Served the food to all and rush for a bath to get ready for the office as it’s already 3:30 p.m. and office cab will arrive by 4 p.m. Hardly have any time to spend on my looks for the day. I pack my food and feel bad for missing my lunch. If there is less or no traffic and I manage to reach early, I compensate for the lunch by munching something in the office cafeteria.

Now my day at work kicks off. And I play my role, do all assigned tasks and by the time I sign off for the day it’s 3 a.m. in the morning. I reach home by 4:45 a.m. My eyes are heavy with the sleep as I have been almost asleep on the way in the cab.

The moment I enter the house, I have to be active and as quiet as a hunting tiger as everyone is asleep and I may wake them up. Now what, now again I have to rush to the kitchen and think about what to send in tiffin for the kids that they should eat and not throw in the dustbin or bring back home.

Finally, I am done for the day and its 5:30 a.m. After 30 min. everyone will start waking up. If I am lucky to fell asleep before they wake up- FANTASTIC! else I will struggle as everyone will get ready, the milk man, trash man comes and all normal noises of the day will follow.

That’s the routine I have been following in my Pre-COVID normal days.

Living this mechanical routine, for more than a decade has gradually turned me into a machine and I ended up developing a formula to meet my timelines, each passing day. Same must have happened to my cooking, I have the formula but no emotions and love to fill it with and no peace within to serve it right.

I seek your forgiveness but the loss seems irreplaceable!

*RCA-Root Cause Analysis



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